CM Truck Beds, Dump Body

CM Truck Beds, Dump Body

Body Colour:Black
Price:$ Call For Pricing + HST


At CM Truck Beds, our DB model is a strong dump hauling body. Providing unsurpassed features and durable hardware, the CM DB gives users a tough manufactured truck bed, that’s great for hauling your heavy-duty loads. Equipped with quality features like: 10 Gauge double wall sides and rear, ergonomically shaped handles, fold down sides, two point rear gates, cab protector (bolt on or weld on), optional ICC bumper available, two stage scissor lift, and integrated hoist available. CM’s DB offers customers a strong and long-lasting finish to all their hauls.

Optional 48” or 60” Tapered Cab Protector

This feature can be bolted or welded on. Will keep the cab free of debris and provide maximum protection for cab while loading materials into dump bed. With punched holes for maximum visibility, this cab protector also prevents damage should a shift in load occur during transit.

Tapered Corner Available
Are available on request. This feature allows units to be upfitted with our dump bodies by factory before being shipped out to the local dealer.

Optional ICC bumper available
Available on request, our ICC bumper provide better quality, maximum durability, and overall excellence to our tough DB model.
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  • 2 point EZ open rear combo gate
  • Wood Pockets
  • Side steel hinges
  • 3 quarter inch bullet lights
  • Dual 10 Gauge Walls with ergonomically shaped handles
  • 10 gauge floor
  • Optional Fold Down Sides
  • Available Integrated Hoist w/ dual scissor lift